Escape to Enchantment: Top 5 Ibiza Alternatives for Your Next Holiday

Discover the top 5 alternative destinations to Ibiza for your next vacation. From the historic charm of Prague to the romantic sunsets of Santorini, find the perfect getaway with MakingAJourney.co.uk.

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Crete offers a blend of beautiful beaches, ancient treasures, and landscapes, encompassing vibrant cities and dreamy villages, where locals share their traditions, wonderful cuisine, and generous spirit.

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Main Attractions in Crete

Preveli Beach

Preveli Beach in Crete, Greece is a stunning paradise with crystal-clear turquoise waters, golden sand, and lush palm trees. Nestled between dramatic cliffs, it offers a serene and secluded atmosphere. The beach is also known for its picturesque river, which flows into the sea, creating a unique and enchanting landscape.

Tamam Restaurant

Tamam Restaurant in Chania, Greece is a charming eatery that offers a delightful blend of traditional Cretan and Middle Eastern cuisine. With its cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and mouthwatering dishes made from fresh local ingredients, it is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts seeking a unique dining experience.

Old Venetian Harbor

Old Venetian Harbor in Chania, Greece is a picturesque waterfront area that exudes charm and history. With its iconic lighthouse, colorful buildings, and bustling atmosphere, it offers a delightful blend of Venetian and Ottoman influences. Visitors can enjoy strolling along the promenade, exploring the narrow streets, and indulging in delicious local cuisine.

Malia Market

Malia Market in Crete, Greece is a bustling and vibrant marketplace offering a wide range of local produce, traditional Greek products, and souvenirs. With its lively atmosphere, visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture, taste delicious food, and find unique treasures to take home.

Island Beach Club

Island Beach Club in Crete, Greece is a stunning beachfront resort offering a luxurious and relaxing vacation experience. With its pristine sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and breathtaking views, it is the perfect destination for sun-seekers and nature lovers. Enjoy a tranquil getaway surrounded by natural beauty and Greek hospitality.


Prague is a fairy-tale town with a maze of cobbled lanes, hidden courtyards, and a medieval castle that looks straight out of a storybook. It's less crowded than Ibiza and rich in history and culture.

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Main Attractions in Prague

Lokál Dlouhááá

Lokál Dlouhááá is a vibrant and bustling restaurant located in Prague, Czech Republic. Known for its lively atmosphere and traditional Czech cuisine, it offers a wide range of delicious dishes and a variety of local beers. With its friendly staff and cozy interior, it is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle, located in Prague, Czech Republic, is a historic fortress complex that dates back to the 9th century. It is the largest ancient castle in the world and serves as the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic. The castle offers stunning architecture, rich history, and breathtaking views of the city.

OC Chodov

OC Chodov is a modern shopping center located in Prague, Czech Republic. It offers a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. With its convenient location and diverse offerings, OC Chodov provides a vibrant shopping experience in Prague.

Lucerna Music Bar

Lucerna Music Bar in Prague, Czech Republic is a vibrant and iconic music venue known for its lively atmosphere and diverse range of performances. With its stunning Art Nouveau interior, state-of-the-art sound system, and regular live music events, it offers an unforgettable experience for music lovers in the heart of Prague.


Rudolfinum is a historic building located in Prague, Czech Republic. It is renowned for its stunning Neo-Renaissance architecture and serves as a prominent concert hall and art gallery. With its rich cultural heritage and picturesque setting along the Vltava River, Rudolfinum is a must-visit destination for art and music enthusiasts.


Vienna is famous for its cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, and the very special Viennese charm. It's a perfect alternative for travelers seeking music, art, and history.

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Main Attractions in Vienna

Café Mozart

Café Mozart in Vienna, Austria is a historic coffeehouse known for its elegant atmosphere and classical music. Established in 1794, it has been a gathering place for artists, intellectuals, and locals alike. With its exquisite pastries and rich coffee, it offers a taste of Viennese culture and tradition.

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace is a magnificent Baroque palace located in Vienna, Austria. It is known for its stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and historical significance. The palace served as the summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs and is now a popular tourist attraction, offering a glimpse into Austria's imperial past.


Ringstrassen-Galerien is a luxurious shopping mall located in the heart of Vienna, Austria. With its elegant architecture and high-end stores, it offers a unique shopping experience. From fashion boutiques to gourmet restaurants, this mall caters to the sophisticated tastes of locals and tourists alike.

Club Dual

Club Dual is a vibrant nightlife destination in Vienna, Austria. With its energetic atmosphere, pulsating music, and stylish decor, it offers an unforgettable experience for party-goers. The club hosts a variety of events, including DJ performances and themed parties, making it a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

Leopold Museum

The Leopold Museum in Vienna, Austria is a renowned art museum that houses an extensive collection of modern Austrian art, including works by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. With its striking architecture and diverse exhibitions, it offers visitors a unique cultural experience in the heart of Vienna.


Santorini, with its stunning sunsets, volcanic-sand beaches, and cycladic architecture, offers a more serene and couple-friendly atmosphere compared to the party-centric vibe of Ibiza.

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Main Attractions in Santorini

Perivolos Beach

Perivolos Beach in Santorini, Greece is a stunning black sand beach known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and vibrant beach bars. With its laid-back atmosphere, it offers a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment, making it a popular destination for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying the vibrant beach scene.

The Athenian House

The Athenian House in Santorini, Greece is a charming restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. With its stunning views of the caldera and traditional Greek cuisine, it combines the beauty of the island with delicious food, creating a memorable and authentic Greek dining experience.

Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay in Santorini, Greece is a picturesque fishing village nestled at the base of towering cliffs. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters, charming tavernas, and colorful fishing boats, it offers a tranquil escape from the bustling island above, making it a hidden gem for visitors seeking a serene coastal experience.

Atlantis Books

Atlantis Books in Santorini, Greece is a charming independent bookstore nestled in the picturesque village of Oia. With its eclectic collection of books, cozy atmosphere, and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, it is a haven for book lovers and a must-visit destination for literary enthusiasts exploring the island.

Enigma Club

Enigma Club in Santorini, Greece is a vibrant and exclusive nightlife destination. With its stunning cliffside location, breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, and a lively atmosphere, it offers a unique experience for party-goers. Expect top-notch music, energetic crowds, and unforgettable moments at this iconic club.


Lisbon is a bustling and exciting city that boasts a great mix of traditional architecture and contemporary culture. Its hilly terrain offers magnificent vistas and it's more affordable than Ibiza.

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Main Attractions in Lisbon

Solar dos Presuntos

Solar dos Presuntos is a renowned restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal. It offers a traditional Portuguese dining experience with a focus on seafood and meat dishes. With its elegant and cozy atmosphere, it has become a popular choice for locals and tourists seeking authentic Portuguese cuisine in the heart of Lisbon.

Belém Tower

Belém Tower, located in Lisbon, Portugal, is a historic fortress and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the 16th century, it stands as a symbol of Portugal's maritime past. With its intricate Manueline architecture and commanding position on the Tagus River, it is a must-visit attraction for tourists.

Vasco da Gama Shopping Center

Vasco da Gama Shopping Center in Lisbon, Portugal is a modern and spacious mall located near the Parque das Nações. With a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, it offers a vibrant shopping experience for both locals and tourists visiting the city.


MusicBox is a vibrant and eclectic music venue located in Lisbon, Portugal. Known for its diverse lineup of live performances and DJ sets, it offers a unique and energetic atmosphere. With its intimate setting and cutting-edge sound system, MusicBox is a must-visit destination for music lovers in Lisbon.

Berardo Collection Museum

The Berardo Collection Museum in Lisbon, Portugal is a renowned contemporary art museum housing a diverse collection of over 9000 artworks. It showcases works by prominent artists such as Picasso, Warhol, and Dali, offering visitors a comprehensive and immersive experience in the world of modern and contemporary art.

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